Naomi Osaka Withdraws From French Open After $15K Fine & Criticism

Big drama in the tennis world as Naomi Osaka announced she'd be withdrawing from the French Open. This falls right after Osaka was hit with a $15k fine for declaring she wouldn't be doing post-game press conferences. After receiving heavy backlash for her statement, Naomi Osaka wrote an open letter explaining her decision. In it, Osaka claimed she's been struggling with depression since the 2018 US Open and isn't good with press conferences in general. Her mental health was the most important thing to her during the decision not to do them and while she didn't want to change the conversation of the upcoming French Open to her actions, she now believes backing out entirely keeps the focus on tennis and the players who are participating. More power to Naomi making this move. I hope she finds everything she needs during her time off. Her open letter below.