The Waffle House Challenge Returns...This Time A Lot Grosser

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Waffle House Challenge was made popular back in early January 2020 where I guy came in last in his fantasy draft and thus had to spend 24 hours in famous breakfast eatery. The catch? For every waffle a person eats, an hour is shaved off their total time. For those that have never eaten there before, those waffles are HEAVY.

Meet Lee. Lee did exactly what I explained: came in dead last in his fantasy draft and now is expected to stay at Waffle House for a full day. Lee's experience sounds rough as he documented it by live tweeting the whole thing. From struggling through several waffles to puking in the parking lot, Lee hung tough and took his loss like a champ. Check his full thread below.

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