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Some Interesting Met Gala 2021 Looks

The 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion - Arrivals

Photo: Getty Images North America

I'm going to start off by saying I'm probably the last guy you want a MET Gala recap from. If I'm being perfectly honest, I don't even know what a MET Gala is. Like after they walk the red carpet, what goes on inside? A dinner? A fashion show? Also, the MET Gala serves as a great opportunity for me to get reminded I'm broke. Because I NEVER understand the themes, let alone the celebrities and their fits relative to said themes. I just assume what they're talking about at the MET is clearly outside my tax bracket. Anyway, this year's theme was "As America: A Lexicon of Fashion." (Love the word lexicon by the way. If you don't know what it means, you should add it to your lexicon.) With this theme, I'd think there would be lots of American tropes and mainstream history that tied into the wardrobes seen here tonight.

Excellent example right there. That's Pharrell Williams and his wife jazzing up a western, cowboy fit. This makes sense. Then there's Frank Ocean. He brought an alien baby. Is this American? Am I broke? It's here the line blurs.

Kim Petras showed up as a horse. American? I guess. Fashionable? Too broke to call it. However, I do hope the Williams family caught a cute photo with a lasso or saddle or something. Let's talk about Naomi Osaka. I like her! I love that her prioritization of mental health is something she's stood up for and that it makes people upset. I have no clue what she wore tonight. This fit called me broke in like five different languages.

Kim Kardashian West showed up as Kanye which while I don't think that's what the theme was asking for, Kanye West is very American. I hope they're well.

Now, AOC. She, as the kids say, "understood the assignment." Came through in a gown that said "tax the rich". To me, this is the ideal "As America: A lexicon of fashion"-themed fit. Is it flashy? Nope. But the message is everything. And isn't that what the MET Gala is about? (Don't take that question seriously. I started this off by saying I had no clue what it was)

All in all, the rest of the attire at tonight's event just looked expensive. American? That's your call. And it's everywhere right now so just google it if you want to see who's cute. Venus Williams. ASAP Rocky & Rihanna. Billie Eilish looked elegant tonight. But that played more into her new album rollout rather than the MET's party. Thanks for stopping by.

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