Drake - I'm Upset *VIDEO*

The relationship between 2018 and Drake is as disputed as pineapple on pizza. Some have disowned him after losing the beef with Pusha T (Yes, he lost. Let it go). Others are still waiting to see what he does with his new Scorpion album on the way. Well, Drake's clearly on the road to redemption with the release of his latest video for 'I'm Upset.' In an attempt to get us to forget about his hidden child, Drizzy pulled out all the stops, bringing back the entire cast of Degrassi for a high school reunion-themed video. All of your favorites from the show were there. Marco, Craig, Spinner and Emma (hopefully those are your faves. I never watched the show). Drake's OVO boys chase the guy who shot Jimmy in the show. I caught that easter egg. Not sure why they weren't chasing Pusha T... Shout out Jay and Silent Bob though. I don't really understand that one but 'Clerks' and 'Mallrats' were definitely my jam back in the day. After watching this, where do your feelings on Drake reside? Scorpion drops June 29th.