Warning: Potential Serial Killer In Chicago...

According to the Chicago Tribune , more than a year after they Chicago Tribune has researched that numerous, close to 75 women that have been killed from 2001 to 2017, the Chicago Police has FINALLY assigned a team to find answers for these deaths. Women ranging from 18 -58 have been found dead from being strangled or suffocated.

The Chicago Tribune research showed that 51 deaths have yet to be solved. These reports drew experts in to take a deeper look into these cases. A main reason would be to catch a possible serial killer; as we well as clean up the unanswered questions and cases that have been unsolved.

The CPD have taken time to review some cases, but some pulled out when the idea of forming a special task force was brought up. In that short time, more women have been found dead due to similar descriptions as previous.

A potential serial killer has been of conversation. The task team assigned the case(s) is made up of 6 detectives. The FBI has also been given information bringing their knowledge to the table in hopes of getting some answers and to look over past evidence.

Typically, this blog is reserved for dumb commentary on music videos and miscellaneous content for your reading pleasure but saw this article and thought it needed to be shared. This seems to be a very real concern with the city of Chicago considering the department finally assigned a team of detectives to reexamine evidence. "Atleast" 55 of the murders are unsolved, all women, all killed in similar fashion within the last sixteen years...sounds like a loose serial killer could be a real thing here...If you're in the city, look out for one another, please. Stay safe.

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