Dave Portnoy Reviews More Connecticut + Western Mass Pizza -WATCH

A few weeks ago, Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy made some stops in Connecticut and Western Mass for his One Bite Pizza Review channel.

When it comes to Casa Pizzeria in Ludlow, I think the most memorable part of his review was the way he pronounced Ludlow (lol).

Dave said Red Rose in Springfield was a "Super unique pizza" and was a Detroit / New Haven style hybrid.

Over in Connecticut, he made stops at Little City Pizza in Avon and New York City Pizza Co. in Danielson.

For New York Pizza Co, he said it was a "Cool spot" and "in the middle of nowhere" but "good pizza".

For Little City Pizza, he said "he'd sleep with it multiple times" lol. Check out the official reviews and ratings below.

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Photo: Mariha-kitchen iStock / Getty

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