Applebee's Launches "Saucy Gloss"

Love Applebee's? Love makeup? Well now, the two worlds have collided! The popular restaurant chain has partnered with beauty company Winky Lux on a new line of Lip Gloss.

Introducing, "Saucy Gloss". The new collection is inspired by their chicken wing sauces and includes "Get Me Hot Buffalo", "Sweet Chile Kiss", "Be My Honey Pepper" and "Honey BBQ-T".

Not gonna lie, now I'm getting hungry talking about these lmao. Feeling "Fancy?" (Thanks, Walker Hayes! LOL!!) Check out more here. Sounds fun!

What's your go-to at Applebee's? Let's chat! Hit me up at @justPEREZplay or the talkback mic on our FREE iHeart app!!

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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