Spoiler Alert! The Winner of "The Bachelorette" May Have Been Leaked

 If you're into "The Bachelorette" and you absolutely do NOT want to know who RACHEL LINDSAY chooses, then this might be a good time for you to LEAVE THE ROOM . . . because we might be about to give it away.


In other words . . . SPOILER ALERT!


A former "Bachelor" contestant named Astrid Loch was talking about what Rachel's plans are with her new fiancé after the finale airs, and here's what she had to say . . .


 "They are going to Dallas to have a party there.  He gets to meet all of her friends and non-Bachelor people, too.  And then they're going to Miami after that to have an engagement party there, too."


Well, BRYAN ABASOLO is the only remaining contestant from Miami.  That doesn't necessarily mean Bryan's the one . . . but this makes it sound like more than just a possibility.

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