Hilary Duff Has A "Dirty Little Secret" In Regards To Her Beauty Rountine

This is one of the many reasons why I feel like Hilary Duff is just all of our best friends. She shared one thing in particular about her beauty routine and I seriously can't wait to try it. When I read this tip it seriously had me thinking, huh I never thought about that!

Hilary said, "I’m lucky enough to work with so many amazing makeup artists that I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks when I get to have a little more time. I have this dirty little secret that I love to shave my nose. It takes me, like, two seconds. I love the way [my skin] looks with it way more than without it. So I try incorporate it when I can."

This reminds me of that super hot trend right now where women are shaving their faces, it's known as "derma-planing." Apparently it makes your makeup and face serums sit way better on your skin since you get rid of that "peach fuzz."

I actually started shaving my mustache and I've never been the same! Now that I know Hilary shaves her nose I'm seriously considering going all in and shaving my full face. FYI, if you haven't jumped on this train and want to you need the proper razor. It's not like a men's razor. There are these small facial razors, you can get like THESE from Amazon!

Let me know on social @TanyaRad if you are about this trend OR have any uncommon beauty hacks that you use that you want to share! Sharing is caring. 🤗

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