Attend a Drive-Through Haunted House For Halloween in Chicago

Enjoy a haunted house in Chicago in a socially distant way...a drive-through haunted house!

This year is already pretty terrifying, but if you're looking to up the ante, Replay Lincoln Park is hosting the spookiest drive-thru haunted house Chicago has to offer starting on Friday, October 2. Located at 2833 N Sheffield Avenue, the arcade bar is transforming its back alley into a spine-chilling corridor filled with zombies, demons and undead souls.

When guests arrive at Alley of Darkness, they're treated to a short drive-in movie to set the scene and boost the scare factor. Then they are asked to put the car in park for 30 minutes, while a cast of spooky characters lets loose and terrorizes them. Visitors can expect a 360-degree experience that involves plenty of fake blood, hair-raising sound effects and realistic props. It's worth noting that you may not leave your car at any point during the haunting—so lock your doors and prepare to scream.

Get your tickets HERE.

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