Another Thing to Worry About in 2020...Smartphone Pinky

Oh jeez...yet another thing to worry about in 2020 and it's called Smartphone Pinky:

If you're reading this on your phone, had you considered the possibility that you might be getting a bizarre condition that's being reported called 'smartphone pinky' at all?

No, you probably hadn't, but there are a growing number of people online who think that the way they hold their mobile could be affecting their hands.

You see, because we spend so much time online and holding our phones nowadays, some folks are starting to complain that their little finger is bending in such a way that can only seemingly be because of the constant phone-holding.

If you take a cursory glance at TikTok or Twitter, you'll find a whole host of people complaining about their 'deformed' fingers, and claiming that it is their phone causing the change.

Do you have this? Will you use your phone less because of it? See what it looks like below!

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