Do You Want a Candle That Smells Like 2020?

There's now a candle that smells like 2020:

In case you’d like to dwell on how unpredictable 2020 has been, the candle company Flaming Crap has revealed a new ‘2020 Scent’ candle.

With four smells “synonymous with this year,” the layered candle includes scents of banana bread, hand sanitizer, DIY and woody musks, alongside budget aftershave with an earthy essence — a scent only ‘Tiger King’s’ Joe Exotic would use to attract his next mate.

The company says it’s not about the aromas complimenting one another (because they likely won’t), but they think it works because “a slightly off scent seems rather fitting for the year of a global pandemic.”

For anyone baffled by the mixture of chosen scents, the company says banana bread and hand sanitizer are in reference to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the obsession of many to take up the hobby of baking bread under lockdown. The “DIY and woody musks” are a nod to the trend of folks doing their own home improvements, while “budget aftershave and an earthy essence” is meant to evoke the presence of the Tiger King himself.

OMG. Who wants the smell of 2020 lingering in their home?

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