This Boy's Speech Before a Football Game is the Inspiration You Need Today

A young football player gave an awesome speech that is the inspiration you need on this Monday:

Fifth-grader Lane Bridges delivered a scene-stealing speech to his real-life Eastland Mavericks teammates earlier this week, and it 100-percent replaced Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" as the amp-up I need after my alarm goes off most Monday mornings and before my next big office presentation.

"Be you, but also have passion," Lane shouted to his huddled-up team. "Be determined. Be this team. Be a maverick!"

At one point during the 45-second pep talk, he told the group of pint-size football players that if they have their hearts in it, they could take on anyone.

"When we get on that field, let's show them how to be a Maverick," he said. "Let's show them that we can beat them on their home field, on our home field, we can beat 'em anywhere. We can go to New England for goodness sake . . . and still beat 'em!"

So much wisdom for someone so young! Apparently Tom Brady took notice too!

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