Would You Try These Gummi Bear-Flavored Pickles?

Apparently gummi bear-flavored pickles are now a thing and people are loving them:

Want to prove you’re a dedicated pickle fan? How does trying pickles that taste like gummy bears sound? That’s right, gummy bear-flavored pickles are a thing. The family-run, Texas-based company One Stop Pickle Shop sells them, and people are INTO the unexpected snack.

Instagrammer @junkfoodmom shared a review of the Gummi Bear Pickles from One Stop Pickle Shop. “This pickle has the sweetness of gummy bears but yet still tastes like a pickle,” the creator wrote in the caption. “After one pickle chip I kept reaching for another in a state of bewildered awe.”

In the comments, one Instagrammer wrote that they know a lot of people who love these pickles. Others shared how they want to try them and use them as stocking stuffers. And, of course, there were a few pickle haters who haven’t even tried them that felt the need to chime in.

Huh...I would not have expected that. Would you consider trying gummi bear-flavored pickles for the holidays?

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