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Here Are Some of the Hottest Dating Trends For 2021

Apparently we can expect some new dating trends for 2021. HERE are a few:


This term essentially means “dating like the CEO” and not messing around with partners who aren’t serving you. “Over the past year, almost 70% feel the pandemic has given them an abundance of time to focus on themselves and 43% shared they have more confidence to say what is and isn’t right for them in their dating life,” according to a Bumble release. I’m definitely planning to incorporate hardballing into my life in 2021.


We all know a Cancer who won’t date a Libra. In the next year, more and more folks will be looking for compatibility according to their zodiac sign, Bumble predicts. After adding an “astrology badge” feature to their app, Bumble noted that people who shared their sign had almost a 60% increase in their average number of matches. And not to further feed their ego, but Leos got the most matches of any star sign in 2020, according to Bumble.

Slow Dating

It’s like throwing your relationship in a crockpot. It might take a bit to heat up, but the end results are so worth the wait. Folks who “slow date” in 2021 will take the time to get to know each other before meeting up in person, and will be more selective in general — a smart idea in COVID times, to be honest. Most Bumble matches who are slow dating during the pandemic start with a video date before moving on to a socially distanced meet-up.

The Rise Of “New Dawn Daters”

Bumble says one in four of their US users will be classified as “New Dawn Daters,” or folks who broke up with their long-term partner amid the pandemic. “They’re now single and ready to start dating again, but many are entirely new to dating apps and understandably anxious about dating right now,” Bumble notes. Fingers crossed that these cuties will refrain from chatting about their exes on the first date.

Would you agree with any of these? Any you would add?

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