You Can Make $30 An Hour Eating and Reviewing Candy

If you have a major sweet tooth and are looking to make some extra money, a candy company is asking for applicants to eat and review sweets for $30 an hour!

A Canadian confectioner is hiring chocoholics and candy lovers totest treats for the sweet salary of $30 per hour.

Candy Funhouse is seeking full and part time "candyologists" to sample and review candy, according to a recent job posting. The candy company, located in Mississauga, Ontario, currently carries 3,000 products, and needs candidates with a strong sweet tooth to help select 10 new, original candies for its inaugural Candy Funhouse-branded line.

Per the job posting, the candyologists must "taste samples objectively" and "consider aspects of taste, texture, and quality," while following the company’s in-house rating system to write brief reviews which may be featured in Candy Funhouse’s marketing materials.

Ummm this sounds amazing for someone like me who has a major sweet tooth. Anyone in the US and Canada can apply through February 15th. Get more info HERE.

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