A Puppy From PAWS Chicago Will Play in This Year's Puppy Bowl

Foofur, an adorable shepherd mix, who was adopted from PAWS Chicago will be featured on the Puppy Bowl this Sunday!

Foofur is a 4-month-old shepherd mix who was rescued from a house fire and survived parvovirus, a potentially deadly disease for puppies. She was taken in by PAWS Chicago, which treated her and her siblings, according to a news release.

PAWS Chicago is the city’s largest no-kill animal shelter. It helps find homes for dogs and cats.

Foofur will be the lone pup representing Chicago at this year’s Puppy Bowl. The show will do a special segment on Foofur, showing a day in her life in a foster home.

Aww looking forward to this! The Puppy Bowl kicks on at 1pm this Sunday on Discovery.

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