The Weeknd Gives Us More Details About His Super Bowl Performance

The Weeknd has revealed more about what we can expect at his Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday:

The Weeknd's guaranteeing he'll be the MVP of his halftime show at the Super Bowl ... because he's not bringing any special guests to join him.

The singer went on NFL Network Thursday and explained that in order for his vision to play out properly and for him to include all the songs he wants, it doesn't make sense for other entertainers to be involved in the performance.

We're told the chatter about The Weeknd venturing into the stands at Tampa's Raymond James Stadium is true, but it's part of a pre-built set ... not like he'll be mingling with random fans in the seats.

Our sources say this plan was put into place with COVID precautions in mind, and to cut down on the number of people involved in the stage construction and removal.

Another fun fact, The Weeknd is the first Canadian performer to solo headline the halftime show, a major feat considering heavyweight Canadian talent like Justin Bieber, Drake and Rush.

Apparently he's also going to do his best to keep his performance family friendly. We know how he can get. Lol.

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