This Chicago Man is Winning Dibs

A Chicago man has won dibs by freezing pants to claim his parking spots:

A Chicago man's unusual method of calling "dibs" on a parking space is gaining attention on social media after he perfected a method of freezing his pants so they stand on their own.

Adam Selzer of West Ridge posted photos to Twitter showing him reserving a shoveled-out parking space using pairs of frozen pants that he shaped to stand up on their own. Reserving parking spaces is common in Chicago, with residents often using lawn chairs of traffic cones to mark the spots they shoveled.

"Polar vortex fun: pants with nobody inside them! Soak a pair, put outside. In about 20 minutes you can form them to shape, and in another 20 they're solid," Seltzer wrote in a Twitter post that has since gone viral.

Apparently he is working to complete the ensemble. Very clever!

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