'Fauci-ing' is the Hot New Dating Trend

There is a hot new dating term called 'Fauci-ing':

A new dating trend called “Fauci-ing,” or declining to date someone if they don’t appear to take the novel virus seriously enough, has begun making waves on the internet.

The term, and its definition, were coined by dating app Plenty of Fish, which included Fauci-ing in its annual list of the top dating trends to expect in the new year.

The list, released in November, also warned singles to watch out for “maskerading,” where a potential partner only pretends to care about wearing masks and COVID-19 for the sole purpose of dating you, and “apocalypsing,” where you treat every relationship like it’s your last and get too serious too quick.

Check out Dr. Fauci's reaction when he hears about the term:

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