Would You Try This Fruit Loops Pizza?

A pizza place in Iowa has gone viral for their new Fruit Loops Pizza:

A pizza place in Iowa has gained viral fame for putting the brightly colored cereal on pizza, Today reports. The pizza is produced by Fong’s Pizza and is listed on the restaurant’s menu in the breakfast section as "Loopy Fruits Pizza." The dessert-style dish features a sweet cream cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese and the fruity cereal.

"We wanted to provide an option that we thought would be fun for children because of the suburban market. But also we love doing things that are just off-the-wall," the restaurant's co-founder Gwen Page told the outlet. "Like what can we do to give people that truly unique experience? That’s what we strive for at Fong’s."

I actually wouldn't be opposed to trying this although it doesn't seem gluten free. People had some opposing views on social media.

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