New Survey Says Chicago Ranks Third on List of Cities With Worst Traffic

According to a new survey Chicago ranks third in the US when it comes to bad traffic. And the Eisenhower is the worst!

INRIX Global Traffic released a report Tuesday based on traffic from last year that said Chicago came up behind New York and Philadelphia for drivers who spent the most time stuck behind the wheel. Chicago drivers lost 86 hours in traffic, while those in New York lost 100 hours, INRIX said.

That's despite the fact that Chicago traffic in 2020 was down 22% during the COVID pandemic.

The report also said the Eisenhower Expressway between the Tri-State and the Jane Byrne Interchange is the most congested road in the entire country. In 2020, the stretch of roadway saw 41 hours of delays, down from 56 hours in 2019.

Apparently Chicago is ranked seventh in the WORLD for worst traffic. Jeez.

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