See the Trailer For Reboot of 'Behind the Music' Featuring J. Lo

Remember 'Behind the Music'? It's coming back and a new trailer has been released! J. Lol will be featured as well as LL Cool J:

Back in February, ViacomCBS announced Paramount+ will be the hub for the return of several classic MTV and VH1 shows. Behind the Music is one of those programs that will be available on the new streaming service.

While a premiere date has not been revealed yet, the first batch of Behind the Music episodes will feature a crop of high-profile recording artists from the last five decades. For example, the career of Hip Hop legend LL Cool J is being covered for the reboot.

Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, and Huey Lewis are the other talents that will be spotlighted in Behind the Music.

I loved that show. What do you think of all these reboots?

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