Manny's Deli Giving Away 1000 Free Sandwiches Tuesday

Manny's Deli in Chicago is giving away 1000 free sandwiches to those who are wearing a mask!

Chicago's famous Manny's Deli is giving away a thousand free sandwiches and all you have to do is wear a mask.

Last week, Manny's Deli created a challenge for customers. They said they'd give away free sandwiches if they could go 30 days without having to remind anyone to wear their mask.

Well, Manny's says that challenge failed. But, thanks to an anonymous donor, Manny's free sandwich giveaway is happening anyway.

The first 1,000 customers on Tuesday, March 30 will get a free sandwich, as long as they are wearing a mask. There is a limit of one per customer.

Love it!

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