IHOP Employee Shocked When She Realized She Turned Away Adam Sandler

An IHOP employee revealed on Tik Tok that the customer who walked out after she revealed there would be a thirty-minute wait was...Adam Sandler.

An IHOP employee, Dayanna Rodas, was just doing her job recently when a man and his kid arrived and asked how long a wait it would be for a table. When she told him it would be around 30 minutes, he decided that was just too long and headed out to find somewhere else to eat.

Pretty boring story, until she found out the man she just ran off was none other than Hollywood megastar Adam Sandler.

Naturally, because it is what all of us would do in that if we found ourselves in that regrettable situation, Rodas went to the restaurant’s security video, copied the footage of the interaction, and posted it to TikTok.

In fairness, it can be hard to recognize people with the masks on. Lol. See the footage below:

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