Selfie WRLD in Schaumburg Allows You To Take Photos at Your Own Photo Shoot

Selfie WRLD is a new spot that just opened in Schaumburg where you can be the photographer at your own photo shoot:

Selfie WRLD, a company started by a photographer who lost her job during the pandemic, gives folks the opportunity to be their own photographer with creative backdrops and booths!

Selfie WRLD is offering everyone a chance to be their own photographer while providing creative and fun backdrops.

It all started less than a year ago by founder Ashley Wilkerson, a photographer from Iowa. Wilkerson, like many, lost her job during the pandemic. That didn't stop her from creating a creative and safe space for folks.

"Ultimately the goal is just to have fun," said Wilkerson.

The first Selfie WRLD opened up in Des Moines, Iowa. The franchise has over 20 locations across the country and just opened up a new location in Schaumburg, Illinois.

It just opened this weekend and you can learn more HERE.

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