Still Need To Get Mom a Mother's Day Gift? Here's What She Wants

If you haven't gotten mom a Mother's Day gift yet, some new research could give you some ideas! The study looks at what mom wants for her special day:

But what do mothers actually want to mark the day? Two in five (43%) mothers say they’d like to receive a card, while 36% are hoping for flowers. One-third of moms (33%) would like a special experience with their family members, such as going on a hike or going to the beach. Around one-quarter of mothers want a keepsake gift (26%), chocolate (24%), or a homemade gift (24%). 

About one in five mothers would appreciate a certificate for a massage or spa day (23%), jewelry (21%), or to have a day to themselves (19%). Another one in five mothers (19%) would be pleased if someone took care of household tasks that they are normally responsible for. About one in six want a food item (17%), while 14% would appreciate books or breakfast in bed. 

You can see the full study below!

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