'This Is Us' is Ending After Season Six

One of my favorite shows is ending after six seasons...'This Is Us.' Boooo.

This Is Us may be one of NBC's most popular shows, but the series is set to come to a close at the end of Season 6. This means that fans only have about 20 episodes left of the highs and heartbreaks of the Pearson family.

This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman has been hinting that the show would end around Season 6 for years.

In a 2019Hollywood Reporter interview, after the Season 3 finale had aired, he said: "Our characters are all finding themselves as we near what I like to consider kind of our midpoint of the TV series. They're at some real crossroads... where you find the characters right now, you're in the middle of their story. If you were in the movie theater, you'd be at the moment where you're about an hour into the movie wondering what's going to happen."

I'm sure however they choose to end it, I'll be bawling for days.

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