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Here Are 24 Things That Give Chicagoans Anxiety

A new list reveals the 24 moments that us Chicagoans get anxiety. I find these super relatable. Some of my favorites are below and get the full list HERE.

2. Spending the entire month of October waiting for the temperature to drop. Will it ever be warm again?

7. Deciding whether or not the train operator can be trusted when he says he has an immediate follower. It's the lie that keeps society afloat.

9. The moment you realize you're old enough to be a parent to Lollapalooza's target demographic. This is fine. Everything is fine.

12. The split-second after you tap your (potentially valueless) Ventra card. Please, please, please...

14. Anytime a Chicago-based team makes its way to a championship game. Even if you don't care about sports, the entire city gets real stressed out.

15. When everyone's like, "Yaaaas it's spring!" but it's still 40 fucking degrees out. Am I...supposed to...feel warm? And even worse...

19. Accidentally getting on the northbound Purple Line instead of the Brown at Belmont. Guess I'll just kick back and head to Evanston.

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