City of Chicago May Restrict Liquor Sales After 10pm

Apparently Mayor Lightfoot is considering having liquor sales in Chicago stop after 10pm:

The city of Chicago is considering permanently restricting customers from buying alcohol at stores after 10 p.m. The move, part of a series of proposals the City Council considered at its Wednesday meeting, would be a major one for Chicago, a city where consumers (at least before the pandemic) could purchase liquor from corner stores well past midnight.

Before the pandemic, stores could sell until 2 a.m. most days, and until 3 a.m. on Sunday. On Wednesday morning, Mayor Lori Lightfoot presented a 94-page ordinance to the City Council that included the the 10 p.m. restriction, in addition to provisions to make to-go cocktails permanently legal and extend the city’s 15 percent cap on third-party delivery fees charged to restaurants. Council members blocked the ordinance so it could be reworked and possibly voted on at future meetings.

What do you think of this???

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