The Auto Show is Coming to Chicago in July and You Can See a Preview

The Chicago Auto Show is coming to town in July and you can get a preview:

With the Chicago Auto Show taking place in July instead of February this year, organizers previewed the first-ever outside events that will launch next month.

Residents don’t usually expect a street festival on a Monday, but that’s exactly what happened on Indiana Avenue near the West building of McCormick Place. It was just a little snippet of what’s coming in July to get people revved up for the return of the show.

Here's more you should know:

For the first time, the show will include a four-night street festival; complete with food trucks, local breweries and test drives.

While there are plenty of other things to due next month as opposed to the cold of February, organizers are hoping the outdoor festival is up your alley.

To book tickets, download the Chicago Auto Show app. Then, those interested will have to book a four-hour window to come down and enjoy the show.

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