Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker Put on Dangerous Impromptu Show

Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker put on a impromptu show that was pretty dangerous:

The two rockers strutted their stuff Saturday afternoon for a rooftop concert at Venice Beach ... which they told their fans about last minute, in what turned into a flash mob type event that tons of people came out for, or simply caught live if they happened to be in the area.

Kelly was on lead vocals and guitar, while Trav handled the drums (obvs). The duo -- who are also dating some of the hottest female stars in Hollywood, Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian-- appeared to be promoting a new song of theirs, "A Girl Like You," which is on the season 1 soundtrack for Amazon's "Paradise City."

There was a pretty scary moment though...

However, there were moments during the concert where Kelly got up onto the speakers near him -- balancing while also rocking out. It was cool and all, but also ... high-key freaky. One misstep, and the dude could've taken a nasty tumble and hurt himself -- maybe worse.

See the video below!

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