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Win a Trip to Space on Richard Branson's Space Plane

I was tearing up while watching Richard Branson fly into space on Sunday. I thought it was incredible and it'll only be a matter of time before it's a common occurrence.

Photo: Shelly

Well, now it's been announced you can win a trip into space on the same plane Richard Branson used!

Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson returned from his first space flight on Sunday, touching down on Earth after a quick trip to the edge of space via the VSS Unity space plane.

The spaceflight company plans to eventually sell tickets for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it's saving two seats on one of its next voyages for sweepstakes winners.  

Charity fundraising platform Omaze is giving away two tickets for one of the VSS Unity’s first commercial flights. The winner and one guest are set to be among the first everyday citizens to travel aboard a spacecraft.

You can enter through Aug. 31, and will support the non profit Space for Humanity, which aims to send citizen astronauts of diverse racial, economic and disciplinary backgrounds to space.  

Click HERE for your chance to win.

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