This Nurse Looks Just Like Taylor Swift

This nurse is a Taylor Swift look-a-like!

Thousands of TikTok users were surprised and confused to come across a video of Taylor Swift explaining how she does her laundry in the bathtub — until realizing the woman in the video was just a very good lookalike.

Ashley, the singer's Nashville, Tennessee-based doppelgänger, went viral last week with a videoin which she explains that she doesn't have a washing machine or dryer, so she does her laundry with detergent in a bathtub.  

Many of the video's 2.5 million viewers were baffled by the clip, convinced that it was posted by Swift herself — prompting Ashley to assure them that she is 'in no way, shape, or form a celebrity.'

From certain angles she does look like Taylor...others, not so much. Lol. What do you think?

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