An Olympian Has Been Knitting Throughout the Olympic Games

An Olympic diver has been knitting throughout the Olympic games and I find it hilarious. Lol.

If watching Olympic competitions has been sparking a bit of anxiety, you might want to turn to knitting — British diver Tom Daley certainly has.

Photos of Daley knitting what appears to be a pink-purple-blue pouch of sorts were posted all over social media Sunday when the athlete sat in the stands watching the women's springboard diving event in Tokyo. As of Monday morning, it appears Daley is working on another project, using white yarn.

Daley said on Instagram that knitting has become his way of "finding calm, mindfulness and [it] relieves stress." He even has a separate knitting account, called "Made with love by Tom Daley," where he posts his creations — including doggie jumpers — that he sells to raise money for charity.

I'm obsessed with this. Just check out his Instagram:

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