The White Sox Play at The Field of Dreams Thursday

The Chicago White Sox are playing at the Field of Dreams in Iowa on Thursday...And if you're trying to go, tickets are expensive!

Tickets listed on StubHub ranged from $999 to $4,400.

If you’d rather keep that money in your pocket, the game will be broadcast at 6 p.m. on Fox-32.

MLB built a park with capacity for about 8,000 fans on the site. The game, near where the famous Kevin Costner-James Earl Jones movie “Field of Dreams” was filmed, will be the first regular-season major-league game played in Iowa.

Both teams will be wearing uniforms matching the era depicted in the movie. The Sox will wear white jerseys with navy blue pinstripes and a throwback “SOX” logo on the front. The pinstriped caps will not have a logo on them.

The Yankees will sport gray jerseys with “New York” in navy blue lettering across the chest and the familiar “NY” logo on the caps.

I think this is so cool! I actually went to the Field of Dreams when I was younger and it was pretty surreal.

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