Farmer's Almanac is Predicting an Icy Winter For Chicago

The Farmer's Almanac is predicting winter in Chicago will be bad this year :/

Whether Chicago is ready or not, a cold winter season could be just around the corner.

According to the latest predictions from the Farmers' Almanac, which says it bases its long-range forecasts on a “mathematical and astronomical formula” developed in 1818, Chicago and the surrounding area is likely in for an "icky, flaky" and cold winter.

For the eastern third of the U.S., temperatures are expected to range from near to somewhat below normal this winter, the almanac said. The area in the center of the country could see "well below" normal temperatures.

March specifically is expected to have "unseasonably cold" temperatures in parts of the country, notably around the time of the vernal equinox at the end of the month, the almanac said.

Oh jeez. At least we can all mentally prepare now.

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