Ed Debevic's is Back in Chicago

Ed Debevic's is back!

Ed Debevic’s, the famously raucous retro diner starring singing, dancing waitstaff, returned to Chicago last week, six years after its original restaurant was demolished in River North. Now located in Streeterville and owned by Bravo Restaurants, the new Ed’s still features diner food served by theatrically rude waiters in a shiny faux-’50s setting with lots of chrome, neon, and sassy signage.

The menu revives many of the classics from the old days, including chili, Ed’s Mom’s Meatloaf Sandwich, and the World’s Smallest Sundae, but it makes a few concessions to the 21st century, namely an Impossible burger.

I once had a surprise birthday there when I was younger and I've loved it ever since.

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