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Determine How Much Halloween Candy You Need With This Candy Calculator

Are you afraid you're going to buy too much or too little candy this Halloween? Here is a handy Candy Calculator to use to figure out exactly how much to get!

(T*K*G) + (D*F*S) = Candy Pieces divided by 30 = ?? Bags of candy

T= the time, in number of hours, you plan to leave the light on

= estimated number of kids per hour that ring the doorbell

= the generosity factor (how many pieces will be distributed to each trick-or-treater)

= the number of days between the initial candy purchase and Halloween

= the number of family members in the household

= the sneaky factor (average pieces of candy each member of the household will eat per day)

If rain is in the forecast, divide the final count by 1.5. 

If you still need some guidance be sure to click HERE.

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