A High School Basketball Team Accidentally FaceTimed Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski accidentally ended up on a FaceTime call with a high school basketball team. This story is wild!

For one Pontiac, Michigan, high school basketball team, it just so happened that the person they inadvertently messaged this week was Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting, and their mix-up would lead to a FaceTime call with some of the biggest stars in the Bucs' locker room.

The call started because they didn't believe who Murphy-Bunting was. He then got tight end Rob Gronkowski to join in, before handing the phone off to cornerback Richard Sherman and running back Leonard Fournette. Then things got really wild -- when quarterback (and notable Michigan alumnus) Tom Brady hopped on the call, much to the delight of the group.

"They were shocked," Fournette said of when he handed the phone to Brady. "I think that's ... to guys in high school, Tom is the figure for them. You know what I mean? Who wouldn't want to look up to a guy like that?"

How amazing is that! Click below for the full story!

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