This Woman's Car Was Sinking in an Icy River...So She Took Selfies

A woman's car was sinking in an icy river so what did she decide to do? Take selfies of course!

This all went down on Sunday in Ottawa, and the woman -- whose car had cracked through the ice -- seemed totally unfazed as she posed for selfies ... and worried neighbors rushed to her rescue.

As you can see, the car was going deeper and deeper into the river and the car was almost fully under -- yet, Selfie Sally persisted.

The heroic neighbors eventually used a kayak to save the woman. One man yelled, "Don’t go towards the car, please come closer in.”

It's ironic, the folks recording the video and trying to help appeared to be more concerned than the sinking woman herself. Thanks to them, she made it safely to shore.

Wow. This is too much. Check out the video.

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