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Shelly's Baby Blog: Five Months Pregnant

I can't believe I'm already five months pregnant! More than halfway there! If you don't know, my husband and I are expecting a baby girl June 8th. This month has been one of the most exciting so far. Here's what's been going on:

-The biggest adjustment has been getting used to her kicking! It's so wild. At first it felt like maybe my stomach was gurgling. Over time, it's become very apparent it's her baby kicks. The last week or so they've gotten pretty big. She kicks the most after I eat and at night around bedtime. I read babies stay pretty calm during the day because they are lulled by you walking around. The best is when my hand is in the right place at the right time and I feel a big swipe or kick across my stomach. It makes the experience so much more real. This has been my favorite part so far!

-Before month 5, it probably looked like I was bloated most of the time. Now I definitely have a belly! It's hard to imagine what it will be like during the 9th month. I had some hip and back pain before pregnancy so it's become a little more exaggerated this month. I've started massages and will probably try a prenatal chiropractor as well.

-I've had to do a lot of maternity shopping this month. I've been trying to avoid it because I don't need new clothes. I was trying to get away with baggy things I already have. However, it's become unavoidable. I have three or four pairs of pants I rotate and I've gotten about seven or eight shirts. I've done all my shopping at Target and Walmart. My favorite top is this denim one I got for $1 at Walmart! The Ingrid and Isabel brand at Target has seems to work really well for me too. Their prices are pretty reasonable.

Photo: Shelly's Baby Photo

Photo: Target

-I still have those sugar cravings! If you know me, you know I really try to eat healthy, but sometimes I need to splurge. I unfroze our gender reveal cake this past weekend and ate most of it with my mom and sister. By the way, shout out to my sister who got me Chocolate Covered Potato Chips from Harry Caray's. I'll eat those at some point. Usually to satisfy my cravings, though, I try to eat fruit, sugar-free chocolate or honey.

-My husband and I have started doing some nursery shopping. Our guest room is turning into the nursery. Since we have guests coming in and out until April, we won't be able to get much done until then. In the meantime we've bought a few things for wall decor.

Photo: Nursery

-I've also started our baby registry this month! Woah. It's very overwhelming. Thank goodness for my friends who have kids. They've been very helpful in the process letting me know what we need. There are the obvious things like bottles, bibs etc. But can't forget the baby snot sucker!

-Finally, if there are any current or former military spouses reading this, you may know my husband is in the Navy. He's out to sea for the next several weeks. I'll probably be in my third trimester by the time he gets back! I definitely miss him being here. I know he'd also love to feel all the kicking too! We've tried to do some registry stuff together via email as well. As my belly grows, it would be nice to have him help with stuff like laundry or bending down to get something too! Ha! I'm hoping the time will go fast.

-One final thing...need to acknowledge my brother who got me this amazing bag for Christmas :)

Until next month!

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