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This Chicago Suburb Has Been Named One of the Happiest in the US

According to a new survey, one Chicago suburb made a list of happiest cities in the US...and it is Aurora!

Happiness might only be a few zip codes away.

A new report from WalletHub claims to have determined the “happiest” cities in the country, based on factors including job security, depression rates and the frequency of divorce, among dozens of other criteria thought to affect the overall satisfaction of a U.S. resident.

The results also come at a curious time, when more Americans may still be struggling with excess stress, per an October 2021 study by the American Psychological Association cited by WalletHub.

Aurora comes in at 21 on the list, but here are the top 10:


Fremont, California


Columbia, Maryland


San Francisco, California


San Jose, California


Irvine, California


Madison, Wisconsin


Seattle, Washington


Overland Park, Kansas


Huntington Beach, California


San Diego, California

See the full story below!

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