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You Can Bid on This Diamond Made of Ranch

There is a diamond up for auction on E-Bay that's made of ranch random!

Hidden Valley has created a manmade diamond out of its famous ranch seasoning, and the novelty jewel is now up for sale on eBay.

The Chicago-based condiment company decided to create the 2-carat cut diamond last year, with the process taking five months to complete.

So how did they do this?

In order to do so, VandenBiesen first heated the Hidden Valley dry ranch seasoning to a scorching 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Out of that process, the ranch is transformed into graphite. And graphite is what’s needed to go inside the diamond press in order to transform it into a diamond,” the geologist explained.

Once inside the press, the graphite was crushed under 400 tons of pressure for two months, eventually creating the theoretically delicious diamond.

Ok, you can bid on the diamond HERE.

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