There is something unusual about how Keanu Reeves takes photos

First, let me say in order to notice the coming story, I'd imagine you would need quite a bit of time on your hands.

Ok, here's the scoop. Someone noticed that when Keanu Reeves takes photos with people, he does what Bored Panda calls "hover hands" when he is taking pictures with fans. If you look at the photos below, you'll notice that his hands really DO HOVER, he avoids making contact. Now, first, it should be known that Keanu, who will star in the new Bill & Ted movie with Alex Winter next year, is well know as a very nice, approachable guy. In fact, when he was on an flight that had to be diverted from it's destination recently, he arranged ground transportation...for the entire plane.

Two possibilities I'm thinking is that he's either a germ guy like Howie Mandel or he's trying to respect other people's personal space. Either way, totally respect it and honestly, makes me like the guy more!

Thumbnail Photo: Getty

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