30 Years ago we went to 1955!

GREAT SCOTT! Believe it or not, it's officially been 30 years since 1955...well, it's been 30 years since Marty McFly first went back in time to 1955 as the this past weekend in 1985. the first Back To The Future movie hit theaters. It would be the first in a trilogy of films that would be widely considered (including by me of course) the best time travel movies ever! I mean, c'mon..Marty...Biff...Doc! The first film was shot mostly at night, because star Michael J. Foxx was still working on "Family Ties" during the day!

The movie's original budget was 19 million dollars...its made more than $389 million!

And of course, what would the movie be without POWER OF LOVE from Huey Lewis??


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