This is an interesting duet!

Ed Sheeran is all about collaborations. In fact, his new album is called No. 6 Collaborations and he's got songs with 20 different artists. But there is another one...Ed Sheeran and Alexa! First Alexa was "hanging out" with Jimmy Fallon when you wanted some jokes, now you can say "Alexa, sing a duet with Ed Sheeran" and they will break into a special version of "I Don't Care" with Alexa filling the Justin Bieber part!

By the way, Ed confirmed in his lyrics that he has, in fact, married his long time girlfriend, calling her "my wife" on the song "Remember My Name".

So give it a try, again, say...ALEXA, SING A DUET WITH ED SHEERAN

Photo: Getty

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