Taylor Swift VS. Scooter Braun - THE LATEST

Superstar Taylor Swift has been AMA Artist of the Decade and ABC has been promoting her appearance and performance like crazy.

The only problem, it might not happen!

Taylor Swift has been in a very public fight with star manager Scooter Braun (he's the guy that discovered Justin Bieber when he was like 13 years-old) ever since he bought Taylor Swift's former record label, and with it, all of Taylor's master recordings for her first six albums. On the AMA's, Taylor was planning on performing a medley of some of those early hits before accepting her award. Swift is now saying that Braun and Scott Borchetta (head of her former label) is now blocking her from performing these songs on TV unless she agrees to not re-record her old songs next year, which she is legally allowed to do and plans on. She took to social media to enlist her fans to help her to get get Scooter to back down.

Check out what she said:

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