Excuses, excuses!

I'm not going to lie, I've come up with pretty good excuses to avoid working-out! Whether in my own head or making an excuse to my wife...I've come up with some pretty good ones. According to SWNS Digital, the average American makes six excuses per day, which works out to 2,190 excuses per year!

  • 35% of people make daily excuses to avoid exercising, while a third will make an excuse to avoid eating healthy.
  • 33% have an excuse to run that errand next week.
  • 32% make an excuse for not having time to work out.
  • 31% claim they don’t have energy to cook a healthy meal.
  • 40% make excuses for buying something they didn’t need.
  • 36% make an excuse for binge watching TV.
  • 34% make excuses for not cleaning once a month.

Check out the full story HERE!

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