Kim Kardashian Posts Family Photo, Leaves Us With Questions

Less than a week after Kim announced the new baby and baby name, Kim Kardashian posts new photo of her and her sisters. We can take a lot from this post.

Somethings just aren't adding up here. 

1. The lighting on all the girls is just off.

2. Kylie is pictured at the back of the photo. We haven't seen her since the 25th of December on her own page. She's been MIA.

3. While on the subject of Kylie, her lighting is very off, her placement and angle don't go along with the rest of the photo. 

4. Kylie is completely covered up. Whats the point of modeling bras and underwear if you're covered up, is this pre baby bump? If so, why you covered up girl. 

5. Khloe's stomach is flat. No baby bump whatsoever. Was this pre baby bump?


6. Also, along with Kylie appearing to be photoshopped, her blanket doesn't look like it matches the rest either. Clearly added in last minute. 

I'm confused. 

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